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July 17, 2015 at Spiritual Living Center Atlanta in Atlanta, GA.

We are coming to Spiritual Living Center Atlanta in July. We are taking appointments for the John of God Crystal Light Healing Bed.

It is recommended that you wear light colored or white clothing and remove all metallic and crystal jewelry.

Bring your intentions for what you would like to see happen in your life. Whether it be healing, emotional or physical, or guidance for a new path in your life.

For more information about the Crystal Light Healing Bed see our website at www.spiritenlighten.com.

For appointment please go to our appointment scheduler at http://spiritenlighten.com/all-schedule-appt/ or call us at 251-279-0298

60 minute Session…………….$62.00
30 minute Session…………….$32.00

Love and gratitude, Renee and Barry

Many people who have had “Crystal Light Healing Bed” Sessions have reported some of the following:

• An increase of definitions in the senses (taste-food, sight-colors, touchawareness)
• Feeling more energized- clear thoughts- ability to focus
• Feeling a deep relaxation- a connection to the earth and/or universe
• Feeling more at peace within themselves- a balance of the chakras
• Feeling less stressed and an increased sense of overall well being- increase in health
• A deeper spiritual understanding of themselves, and their life situations
• Gaining insights into their future life path and the evolution of Mother Earth
• Gaining insights of the cause of disease states- looking inward into personal health
• Receiving guidance as to how to best deal with their disease or problem

Address: 1730 NE Expy NE, Atlanta
Spiritual Living Center Atlanta

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