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September 30, 2016 at Worlds of Music Chicago in Chicago, IL.


Shop owner Alexander Duvel has been playing the gongs as a form of solo shamanic free jazz improvisation healing meditation ritual for himself and many others for many years now. It is a very special kind of music, solo, acoustic, long form, complete immersion into a spontaneously-composed sound mandala filled with most focused intent to bring about a balancing of energies in the body, mind, and spirit, simultaneously.

The practice does involve the use of a few large and small gongs, as well as some singing bowls, other resonant sustaining percussion instruments, and the use of a myriad of mallets to draw out the multiple layers of voices the main shaman gong is capable of producing, and blending together in profoundly mind-altering ways, suitable for extended states of deep, sensitive listening, relaxation, and mindful profundity.

Please join us for this very special extended meditation of 3-hour total duration. There will be 2 long ‘movements’ separated with a short intermission in the middle that makes it possible for attendees who only require around 90 minutes or so of resonance meditation to gracefully float out into the evening, and leave the remaining guests to go even deeper into their focus, or letting go, or expanding, whatever this intentional sound offering of the gong has to offer your deep listening, acoustic sound intentions?

We are requesting a $25-$15 donation for attendance, but no one in need of sound healing will be excluded due to lack of funds. Please share what you can. Alexander very excited to share this live, completely acoustic sound health music with you.

Address: 4161 N Damen Ave, Chicago
GONG Resonance Meditation 3 hour Intensive Sound Healing

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