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May 13, 2015 at The MGC in Fortuna, CA.

This course is designed for the very young puppy, one in need of socialization and exposure to the world during their “social window” of opportunity. Puppies need to be exposed to as many things as possible before they are 16 weeks old as science has proven their social window is wide open and most susceptible to change during this time frame. There is always some risk in taking your unvaccinated puppy out in public though and that should be of concern. I have extensive knowledge on communicable viruses such as Parvo from working in the veterinary field for 15+ years and work closely with the Vets to create a safe environment for your puppy. First a mandatory orientation without puppies present. Second the room is cleaned top to bottom before puppies arrive for class. Third all must be carried inside and out of class to their car and all people must step through a disinfectant foot bath before entering the room. Once in class the puppies learn foundation commands like Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Look & Leave it. As well as lots of off leash playtime! We also have a different theme every week of exposure training like novel objects, skateboards and walkers etc. Each puppy parent is given an extensive work list to help keep them on track with the puppies mental development and what exposure they should receive. The list gives everyone weekly goals and motivates them to make their pups the best they can be. This class will meet for an hour a week for five weeks

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Address: 2280 Newburg Rd, Fortuna
*Puppy Preschool*

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