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December 11, 2015 at Cactus Music in Houston, TX.

The Deslondes are a New Orleans-based band, whose raw, stripped-down sound springs to mind a country-meets-Southern-R&B hybrid rooted partly in the Texas singer/songwriter tradition, partly on the weathered floor of a Louisiana dance hall.

The Deslondes is the band’s self-titled debut on venerable New West Records. This freshman effort has already picked up pre-release praise from the likes of NPR’s resident critic Ann Powers, who spotlighted their first single, “Fought the Blues and Won,” and called the fivesome “deft assemblers of a sound that traverses decades and style with humble grace.”

The Deslondes then is a very different vision, one where five individualists can come together and create something they couldn’t possibly do without each other. “We’re constantly trying to sound more and more like ourselves all the time,” says Doores. “Every band wants to say that they can’t really be categorized, but we really do try to combine all the elements that we love, most of them older American traditions. Along the way, there’ve been certain songs where everyone could say, ‘That song sounds like a gospel song’ or ‘This one sounds like a country song’ or ‘This one sounds like New Orleans R&B.’ Eventually we want it to have it be more of a cohesive sound where every song just kind of has elements of all of those and it’s less piecemeal. Hopefully we’re getting closer all the time to ‘That song sounds like a Deslondes song.’”

Address: 2110 Portsmouth St, Houston
The Deslondes In-Store Performance

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