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January 19, 2016 at Yoga Phoenix in Phoenix, AZ.

Experience the therapeutic state of Yoga Nidra and gong.

In this state of relaxation, you will experience awareness of the body and breath, feeling sensations and visualizations. In the last stage of Yoga Nidra, the visualization develops concentration and dissolves the distinctions between the conscious and unconscious minds allowing complete relaxation.

In this deeply relaxed state or “yogic sleep”, the gongs begin. The gongs bring you into a deeper state of relaxation. Several build and release cycles can release fears, release old emotions, and balance the entire nervous system and chakras. With the last strike of the gong, silence ensues for one or more minutes.

You are then gently brought back into your breath and body, then the reminder of your intention for the session. Your body is guided through a gentle awakening and bringing you into a sitting position. The class ends with a mantra, a prayer, and a blessing.

For most people, this will be a profound and deeply moving experience.

After class, enjoy yogi tea while you rest and ground yourself and share your experience with others.

Address: 2308 N Richland St, Phoenix
Yoga Nidra and Double Gong Meditation with Rajpal Kaur & Colleen

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