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February 19, 2016 at Wilmington Yoga Center in Wilmington, NC.

Join Pranakryia School of Yoga Healing Arts Director Jeff Schoaf for this incredibel weekend workshop!

Our bodies, minds, and spirits, born of our DNA, life experiences, and individual karmas perpetually shape our form. As the Hatha Yoga Pradipika reminds us; these are not separate entities but function as one system, communicating consistently and synchronistically. While American Architect Louis Sullivan stated form follows function, in context of what it means to be human, function inevitably and necessarily is governed by and becomes a byproduct of form.

The fascia ( connective tissue, myofascaie, or neuromyofascial web) is the substance that ultimately creates our form, both seen and unseen. Like the Koshas, these many-layered sheathes are all independent and yet interdependent matrices, ones which nourish and support all of our body’s systems. Its network interconnects and maintains the shape we’ve come to know, the material that is home to our entire essence. To understand this vital network is to practice with the foundation of body movement; a knowledge of this foundation deepens our practice and our ability to work with others’ forms.

Address: 5329 Oleander Dr, Ste 200, Wilmington
Myofasciae in the Pranic Body Yoga Teacher Training with Jeffrey Shoaf, ERYT500

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